Getting correct values from SQL


I’ve run into a weird problem. What I’m trying to do is gather bunch of data from MySQL and then plot it. I’ve got all the values from MySQL and if i do:

print("%s", x[i]);

inside a loop I get all the correct values. But if I do:

print("%d", x[i]); or print("%f", x[i]); or print("%i", x[i]); I get some ridiculous 10^5 numbers. From here I assume that the root gets data from MySQL as strings, not as doubles or whatever the data might be inside MySQL. Now what I would like to do is get the graphing libs from root to be able to graph these correct values.

it seems that TGraph() only works with doubles and integers and since I can’t get this stuff from MySQL into the that form, could you tell me how I could do it?

Thank you.

Current versions of mySQL do not know ints and floats, only strings.
You must make the conversion yourself. New announced versions of
MySQL will support native basic types.

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Rene Brun