Getting compile mode to check include files?

Hi all,

I’ve been using force compile mode to run my scripts ie… script.C++. However the compilation takes up a bit of time and I started using script.C+ to skip compilation if “script.C” hasn’t change. However, it doesn’t seem to check the file #include by the script. Is there anyway to tell root to check these #include files also when using script.C+?



script.C++ :mrgreen:
ACLiC is NOT “make” / “makedepend” / “gcc -M”. :-$
See the file “script_C.d” for all dependencies that it found. :unamused:
If you know that some include file, that is used but not present in this dependencies’ file, has changed, you need to manually enforce recompilation. <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/8/84c2fe9464a4066c00e1bd5978e913e7869cbb07.gif" width=“22” height=“16” alt=":-"" title=“Whistle”/>

[quote]ACLiC is NOT “make” / “makedepend” / “gcc -M”. [/quote]Actually it is intended to be. And indeed the file script_C.d will list all the files that it thinks are included. Please check if you include file is in there, if not check that it is not ‘conditionally’ hidden (via #if[n]def). If it is not, please send us a complete running example showing the problem.