Getting "can't find SrvAuthenticate" in authserver.C


I have played around a bit with the socket interfaces available in ROOT. After nice success with server.C/client.C I wanted to test also the authserv.C/authclient.C scripts available under the “net” tutorials.

I’m using a local linux machine with cvmfs access, setting up the root version specified below.

I run the authserver.C macro first, and in a different terminal then run the authclient.C, making sure I have the same port selected and using localhost for now for testing.

The server part quits with

Error in <TPServerSocket::Authenticate>: can't find SrvAuthenticate

Below what I see in my terminals:

[aleopold@gluino networking]$ root -l -q -b authserver.C"(9090)"

Processing authserver.C(9090)...
authserv: starting a (parallel) server socket on port 9090 with authentication
Error in <TPServerSocket::Authenticate>: can't find SrvAuthenticate
(int) 0
[aleopold@gluino networking]$  root -l -q -b authclient.C"(\"localhost:9090\", 1)"

Processing authclient.C("localhost:9090", 1)...
authclient: starting a (parallel) authenticated socket at phttp://localhost:9090 (size: 1)
(int) 0

Are there some configurations etc that might be missing here (read a bit through the README.AUTH, but lacking experience identify what that could be), or could it be that the ROOT version I use here is built with parts missing for this application?

Thanks a lot,

PS: really new to this sort of communication business, so sorry for missing anything obvious

_ROOT Version: /cvmfs/

You’re right, it doesn’t work. The file implementing SrvAuthenticate has been removed by this commit: Remove unused DaemonUtils.{h,cxx} from net/auth · root-project/root@b327dd8 · GitHub Maybe @amadio can comment on this…

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Sorry, @bellenot, I was logged out and only saw this now. If the header/cxx are needed for the example, please revert the commit that removed them. It’s too long ago, but very likely it was removed because it was apparently not used anywhere. Cheers,

OK, I’ll check. Thanks @amadio

Here is the PR reverting the changes: Revert "Remove unused DaemonUtils.{h,cxx} from net/auth" by bellenot · Pull Request #14149 · root-project/root · GitHub