Getting "can't find SrvAuthenticate" in authserver.C


I have played around a bit with the socket interfaces available in ROOT. After nice success with server.C/client.C I wanted to test also the authserv.C/authclient.C scripts available under the “net” tutorials.

I’m using a local linux machine with cvmfs access, setting up the root version specified below.

I run the authserver.C macro first, and in a different terminal then run the authclient.C, making sure I have the same port selected and using localhost for now for testing.

The server part quits with

Error in <TPServerSocket::Authenticate>: can't find SrvAuthenticate

Below what I see in my terminals:

[aleopold@gluino networking]$ root -l -q -b authserver.C"(9090)"

Processing authserver.C(9090)...
authserv: starting a (parallel) server socket on port 9090 with authentication
Error in <TPServerSocket::Authenticate>: can't find SrvAuthenticate
(int) 0
[aleopold@gluino networking]$  root -l -q -b authclient.C"(\"localhost:9090\", 1)"

Processing authclient.C("localhost:9090", 1)...
authclient: starting a (parallel) authenticated socket at phttp://localhost:9090 (size: 1)
(int) 0

Are there some configurations etc that might be missing here (read a bit through the README.AUTH, but lacking experience identify what that could be), or could it be that the ROOT version I use here is built with parts missing for this application?

Thanks a lot,

PS: really new to this sort of communication business, so sorry for missing anything obvious

_ROOT Version: /cvmfs/

You’re right, it doesn’t work. The file implementing SrvAuthenticate has been removed by this commit: Remove unused DaemonUtils.{h,cxx} from net/auth · root-project/root@b327dd8 · GitHub Maybe @amadio can comment on this…

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