Getting branch data using RDataFrame


I have 2 questions:

  1. What is the best way to access values of variables like particle mass, momentas and other parameters from a root file. Is RDataFrame easier to use for this?

  2. In many papers I have seen that there are mass distributions of particles like J/psi phi or K-K+. What do these distributions mean. Is it just the sum of invariant mass of J/psi and phi?

I think @eguiraud or @vpadulan can give some hints

Dear @amishgog,

I am very sorry for the prolonged silence. Let me answer your questions now:

  1. I would definitely suggest RDataFrame for anything related to data processing of ROOT datasets. See the guide at ROOT: ROOT::RDataFrame Class Reference
  2. Usually yes


Hi Vincenzo,

Thanks for your reply and no worries at all I was able to sort out the problems myself. I should have put up a solution to the topic as well.