Getting a vector<TObject> from a tree

Hi rooters,

I wrote a code to create an std::vector of pSignal, a custom class representing particle signals that inherits from TGraph, so as a “zero-order approximation” you can say this is a vector of TGraph.

I put the vector in a TTree and finally i save the TTree on a TFile.

The aim is to read the stored signals back once the file is ready.

I loaded all necessary libraries and generate the dictionaries.

When I try to read i get this error:

Error in TTree::SetBranchAddress: Unable to determine the type given for the address for “Wsignals”. This is probably due to a missing dictionary, the original data class for this branch is vector

This is the first time i do something like this, so i do not know what to do to fix this problem and that’s why I am asking your help.

Thanks in advance
stl.C (2.0 KB)


is it possible to have the necessary headers to make the example standalone and allow us to reproduce?


Hi, thanks for the reply

pADC.h (8.7 KB)
pADC.cpp (3.5 KB)
pSignal.cpp (21.2 KB)
pSignal.h (16.7 KB)

(I’m not the author of these classes, but i think there are no problems, because you can freely download them all)

Just a reply to keep the topic open…some news about this problem @dipiparo? Thanks in advance

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