GetRandom numbers according to TH1D (variable bin size)


I am trying to produce random numbers according to the data of a spectrum with bins of variable size. I use: h->GetRandom() to generate energies following this spectrum. Then I fill an output histogram with the randomly generated numbers.

The problem is that, depending on how I define the bins of the histogram that I fill, the result looks different (see attached picture):

  • If the histogram is defined with the same bins as the original one, the result looks good (red line).
  • If I define the histogram with a constant bin size, I see the steps of the original bins (blue line).

I would like that the data is smoothly distributed, following the original smooth line, and without depending on how the output histogram is defined. Is it possible to do that?

I send also attached a data file and a function to reproduce the problem, if needed.

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test.C (1.99 KB)
data.txt (836 Bytes)

To compare plots with different bin widths, you should divide your histograms bin by bin by the bin width