Hi all,

I am dumping the contents of a root file to ascii for further processing. To achive this I am using ;


and write the output to a file. Everything is perfect except two things ;

  1. Output (without the data) is in the following format ;

  • Row * Instance * Test_Trig * Test_Trig * Test_Trig *

printing only 8 chars or so “Test_Trig” thus I am loosing the specific string content that determines the branch name. I found out that this function actually is related to the ;

So without modifying this code and compiling ROOT back again, can I extend the array size of the branch name printed to a file ?

  1. All data are exported to a plain text file. How can I determine the timeslices from these data ? Do I need to go back to hardware/settings to find out the value or what ? Data is in the following order;


and so on. But I don’t know the sampling rate thus no idea about the time interval between these values. I can find it out easily, but I want to automate this in my code so that I can use it with other data.

I would appreciate if someone could provide some insight to this.

I handled the first issue, I get all the branches now crystal clear.

Timeslice issue still applies, waiting for input [-o<

Issue resolved.