GetOption() in TSelector?

In creating the TSelector files, there were 2 lines in Begin and SlaveBegin processes:

The only explanation I found on Google for the purpose of this function is “Getter for the option string that was passed by the user to Tree::Process() or TDSet::Process().”

Could this be used to load additional arguments when I call the function Process() to analyze the ntuples? For example, instead of having

as usual, can I have something like

to have an additional argument to name the output file in my analysis from the GetOption() string?

If yes, what is the specific way to get the additional argument in the code?

If not, is there any way to do that so that whenever I want to change the name of the output file, I don’t have to modify the source code in the analysis file?


I found the solution right in the description of the .C file generated by TSelector

// To use this file, try the following session on your Tree T:
// Root > T->Process("NewSelector.C")
// Root > T->Process("NewSelector.C","some options")
// Root > T->Process("NewSelector.C+")