GetMinimum and GetMaximum in TChains with TEntrList

I was trying to use the GetMinimum and GetMaximum functions of the TChain together with an entrylist.
For a TTree this works as expected (only the entries in the list are considered), for a TChain it does not (minimal example with root 6.04/18 below).
Is there a way to use the same functionality on a TChain?

on a TTree:
root [0]
Attaching file background.root as _file0…
(class TFile *) 0x3538a50
root [1] diboson_NOMINAL->GetMinimum(“sumMT”)
(Double_t) 0.000000e+00
root [2] diboson_NOMINAL->Draw(">>elist", “sumMT>150000”, “entrylist”)
(Long64_t) 803
root [3] TEntryList elist = (TEntryList) gDirectory->Get(“elist”)
(class TEntryList *) 0x38fdab0
root [4] diboson_NOMINAL->SetEntryList(elist)
root [5] diboson_NOMINAL->GetMinimum(“sumMT”)
(Double_t) 1.501191e+05

on a TChain:
root [0] TChain *chain = new TChain(“chain”)
(class TChain *) 0x29b4930
root [1] chain->Add(“background.root/diboson_NOMINAL”)
(Int_t) 1
root [2] chain->GetMinimum(“sumMT”)
(Double_t) 0.000000e+00
root [3] chain->Draw(">>elist", “sumMT>150000”, “entrylist”)
(Long64_t) 803
root [4] TEntryList elist = (TEntryList) gDirectory->Get(“elist”)
(class TEntryList *) 0x3653e90
root [5] chain->SetEntryList(elist)
root [6] chain->GetMinimum(“sumMT”)
(Double_t) 0.000000e+00


Indeed this look like a deficiency. Can you fill a bug report for this?


I’d love to, but when I log in to with my cern account “schaepe” I get the error

“You do not have permission to create issues in this project.”

Any idea what is wrong there

I should be ok now to create issues in JIRA with your account.

Thanks. I submitted a bug report.