Getline() problem on OSX 10.9 Mavericks

Hi there,

I recently upgrade my laptop to OSX 10.9 Mavericks. I recompiled root v5.34/10 after getting the sources from GIT using the new gcc/clang provided by the latest Xcode version. After some struggle, I can compile my code, based on the ATLAS RootCore framework. On the other hand, I’m still getting an error from RootCore load_packages.C when trying to load the compiled libraries:

[code]root [0]
Processing /Users/Marco/Physics/Photons/AnalysisD3PD/RootCore/scripts/load_packages.C…
Error: Ambiguous overload resolution (10001,2) /Users/Marco/Physics/Photons/AnalysisD3PD/RootCore/scripts/load_packages.C:54:
Calling : getline(ifstream,string);
Match rank: file line signature
ffffffff (compiled) 0 istream& getline(istream&,string&,char);

  • 10001 (compiled) 0 istream& getline(istream&,string&);
    ffffffff (compiled) 0 basic_istream<char,char_traits >& getline(basic_istream<char,char_traits >&,string&,char);
  • 10001 (compiled) 0 basic_istream<char,char_traits >& getline(basic_istream<char,char_traits >&,string&);
    *** Interpreter error recovered ***
    failed to test load libraries[/code]

The problem is generated by this piece of code:

std::ifstream preload_file ((dir + "/preload").c_str()); std::string preload; while (std::getline (preload_file, preload)) { if (!preload.empty() && preload[0] != '#') { if (gSystem->Load (preload.c_str()) < 0) { throw std::string ("failed to load library " + preload); } } }

Any suggestion? Thanks! Marco

Observing the same issue. Root version 5.34.11 compiling packages using RootCore-00-02-99.