GetEntries and Long64_t


We just moved from ROOT 3.10.02 to 4.02.00. The definition of TTree::GetEntries has changed to return a Long64_t. We have some older analysis code, that was assigning the output of this routine to an UInt_t…I suppose it should be obvious that this is not a good thing to do given the redefinition of GetEntries.

Unfortunately no warning is produced in cint when attempting to make sure an assignment. It was only when we discovered that our loops over the events in our TTree was going beyond bounds that we ultimately found the problem.

Is there anyway for doing something like
UInt_t numEvents = t->GetEntries( )
to return a warning about casting to an unsuitable type?

Are there any other important methods that now use Long64_t that one might want to watch out for?



Thank you for pointing this out. I’ll print warning message at 64bit to 32bit integer conversion.

Masa Goto