Get Worker uniq id

Hi guys,

Running with Proof-Lite, I would need to get some proof informations during my slaves are working. I am using TProofOutputFile and have to specify a uniq filename. Is there already something available for that ?

I use gSystem->TempDirectory(), but this is my usual /tmp/ directory which is specified. I don’t have access to gProof when SlaveBegin() is called. I assume I should be able to get something like this : session-ID-worker-0.X-uniqid

The goal is then to create a file like : /tmp/session-ID-worker-0.X-uniqid.root

Thanks a lot


Each worker has an unique ordinal number string in the form “0.3” that you can get from gProofServ

#include "TProofServ.h"


Printf("My ordinal is %s", gProofServ->GetOrdinal());

However, TProofOutputFile automatically makes sure that the files created on the workers have different names, finally merged to the one that you specified as output file.

G Ganis