Get TFitResult for each slice from TH2::FitSlicesY()

Consider this example:

void fitslicesytest() {
   TString dir = gROOT->GetTutorialDir();
   if (!gInterpreter->IsLoaded(dir.Data())) gInterpreter->LoadMacro(dir.Data());
   TFile *hsimpleFile = (TFile*)gROOT->ProcessLineFast("hsimple(1)");
   if (!hsimpleFile) return;
   TH2F *hpxpy = (TH2F*)hsimpleFile->Get("hpxpy");
   TAxis * Yaxis = hpxpy -> GetYaxis();
   TF1 f1 = TF1("f1", "gaus", Yaxis -> GetXmin(), Yaxis -> GetXmax());
   f1.SetParameters(100, (Yaxis -> GetXmax() - Yaxis -> GetXmin())/2.0, 0.01);
   TObjArray slices;
   hpxpy -> FitSlicesY(& f1, 1, hpxpy -> GetNbinsX(), 0, "QNRLM", &slices);

I would like to get TFitResult and see the fitted function drawn on each slice. What to do?

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Unfortunately there is now no current way to get the TFitResult object. You would need to modify the TH2::DoFitSlices function.

For plotting the fitted function remove the options Q and N, just use RLM


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By removing QN I dont’ see any fits drawn anywhere.


   hpxpy -> FitSlicesY(& f1, 1, hpxpy -> GetNbinsX(), 0, "QNRLM", &slices);

equivalent to

   TH1* h = hpxpy -> ProjectionX("proj", 1, 1);
   TFitResultPtr r = h -> Fit(&f1, "SRLMQN");

Hi ,

Not really, because TH2::FitSlicesY will perform in this case 100 fits on each slice.
What is equivalent is the following for the X bin ibin

 hpxpy -> FitSlicesY(& f1, ibin, ibin, 0, "QNRLM", &slices);

is equivalent to:

TH1* h = hpxpy -> ProjectionX("proj", ibin, ibin);
TFitResultPtr r = h -> Fit(&f1, "SRLMQN");type or paste code here

and you can get in the second case the fit result and the fitted plot.


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