Get row from TMatrix

i am looking for a method to get a row / column from a TMatrix as a TVector?
Does this exist?

Page 265 in Users Guide 5.16, example with the Haar-matrix at the top of the page, fifth line, is that what are You looking for?

const TMatrixD haar = THaarMatrixD(order); TVectorD colj(1<<order); TVectorD coll(1<<order); for (Int_t j = haar.GetColLwb(); j <= haar.GetColUpb(); j++) { colj = TMatrixDColumn_const(haar,j); Assert(TMath::Abs(colj*colj-1.0) <= 1.0e-15); for (Int_t l = j+1; l <= haar.GetColUpb(); l++) { coll = TMatrixDColumn_const(haar,l); Assert(TMath::Abs(colj*coll) <= 1.0e-15); } }