Get data from tree's branch to txt

how to get data from one branch of a tree and output txt?
the way:
doesn’t work

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ROOT Version: 6.14
Compiler: Not Provided

The middle line: .x dump.cxx

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oh,sorry, i write wrong. it also doesn’t work

image like this

There’s no error reported. The “dump.txt” file should contain the output from the “dump.cxx” macro.

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i think it should be right. However, its result is the dump.txt of you can see it, maybe the cxx is wrong. thanks.

The “dump.cxx” macro writes its output to the “outputname” = “dump.txt” (and also to “dump.xml”) so, you should not use “.>” at all.

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thanks a lot ! you are right. and i find that my branch is “Singles”, not “singles”. it is the main reason.

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