Geometry Labels

I am making a 3 dimensional drawing using the geometry package. I would like to put some text on the drawing for reference purposes. What is the best way to achieve this?

Hi Chris,

What are you using to display your geometry?

If it is standard TPad, then you can use TPaveText or just TText / TLatex.

If you use low-level OpenGL, then go to “Guides” tab, select “Pick annotation” then click on the object you want to markup. A small box will appear and you use “E” button to edit the text. We are planning to extend the options to this to allow changing of text/box color and font-size so let us know and we’ll do it right-away.

If you use EVE, you can add TEveText object (and also the annotation, as above). See tutorials under $ROOTSYS/tutorials/eve:

  • various geom_xxxxx.C macros that demonstrate loading TGeo geometries into eve
  • text.C
  • arrow.C
    We were also planning to extend this (or add a new class) to support 2D on-screen text. Again, let us know what you need.


Hi Matevz,

Thank you for your reply. I have tried in the standard viewer and the gl viewer.
I have not tried eve since I am not familiar with it. I will learn more about it since it appears to be an extension of the standard geometry package.

Best for the Holidays!

It seems quite good for few labels, but becomes ponderous with a lot of labels. I suspect this may be due to a bad graphics driver though. Thanks again for the help!