Geometry does only show deepest volume and top volume

Hi all,

Attached below is a small ROOT script which builds a geometry consisting of a hierarchy of volumes the following way:
Level0 box contains Level1 box contains Level2 box contains Level3 vox

However, when I draw the geometry, I only see Level0 and Level3, Level1 & Level2 went missing!

What is the secret to draw all volumes?

I am using root 5.34.19 on Ubuntu 14.04

Thanks for your help,

Geo.C (2.2 KB)

Hi Andreas,

Intermediate volume are treated as containers and the default behavior is to see only those at the “visible level” (as in TGeoManager::SetVisLevel()). To see those you have to do as below, but note that if you miss the first line the other 2 have no effect:



Thanks a lot! This was the secret I was missing!