GeoManager view angels

I draw a 3d object with TGeoManager class. Then (as I need) I did

     TGLViewer *v = (TGLViewer *)gPad->GetViewer3D();
   if (v) {
      // now hide the left frames
      TGLSAViewer *sav = (TGLSAViewer *)v;
      TGCompositeFrame *vf = (TGCompositeFrame *)sav->GetLeftVerticalFrame()->GetParent();
      TGFrameElement *el;
      TIter next(vf->GetList());
      while ((el = (TGFrameElement *) next())) {
         // hide all frame but the last (the one containing the GL view)
         if (el != (TGFrameElement *)vf->GetList()->Last())

to remove everything except the 3d view (thanks root site for advise). All is good till I want to modify the scene (with AddNode() method) during runtime (to interact with user). Every AddNode() rotate the view at it’s default position.I can rotate it anyhow, //on timer: TGLViewer *v = (TGLViewer *)gPad->GetViewer3D(); if (v) { // rotate a bit the current camera and update the viewer v->CurrentCamera().RotateRad(-0.001, 0.0174532925199); v->RequestDraw(); }; but if user has roteted it with mouse I can’t restore the right view.
I tried to use TView GetLongitude() (and GetLatitude() ) method, but unsuccessfully. Is there any standart way to get the current view angels, add (or remove) some nodes, and set the angels back?
Thank you.