Generating m4l

I have signal root samples in delphes. I want to generate histograms for m4l, pt4l however the root files contains files like muon_pt, electron pt, weight etc. is there a way I can generate the m4l and pt4l from these?

Hi @SKY!

That depends a bit on how you are doing the analysis. The modern way to do it with ROOT is to use RDataFrame, and you can probably build something based on this HiggsToFourLeptons tutorial that also calculated m4l and uses input files that are similar structured to the Delphes output (CMS NanoAOD OpenData).

The key is to use your kinematic branches for pt, eta, etc. to build a ROOT::Math::PtEtaPhiEVector for each of the four electrons. Then, you add the vectors together and get the mass of the resulting Lorentz vector.

Hope this helps you to get started, let us know if you have more specific questions!


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