Generating dictionary for shared library

Dear rooters,

I’m probably forgetting something very basic, but this code:

rootcint -f out.cxx -c include/TElement.h include/TBlm.h include/linkdef.h

works for me, while I cannot make working anything like that:

rootcint -f out.cxx -c -I./include include/linkdef.h

do you maybe have an idea why it could be like that?

Regards, Mariusz

$ rootcint -h
$ man rootcint
See also “man makecint” and

Well, thanks a lot for your replay.
I was familiar with these before, but obviously I must have missed something when reading.

Cheers, Mariusz

rootcint -f out.cxx -c -p -I./include ./include/T*.h include/linkdef.h