Generate decay events in ROOT

hi ,
can anyone help me with generating events.
Decay of X -> y+z with exponential pT dist and flat pseudorapidity dist ∈[-1,1].
atleast a million events.{ with mass of X=100 mev , y= 50 and z=50 (say)} with each event distribution of X be poisson dist of mean say 2.


Isn’t that just a typical Pythia setting? “Exponential pT” is fairly dependent on the incoming particle - so yes, in the end this seems to boil down to tweaking the generator. This forum here is ROOT, while we have some (and a few probably a lot of) experience with generators you might be better off asking your supervisor / physics group / post-doc / …

hey Axel,
this is not a PYTHIA setting .
i should have added that the particle X is unstable and decays to x+y.

The pT spectrum is a generator thing; eta distribution is - there are a couple of elements that you’ll probably want to tweak in your generator. Or do you have one given particle with one given momentum X, and you want to sample possible decays, with flat eta etc? Then that sounds like TGenPhaseSpace might help - but IIRC it doesn’t allow you to set boundary conditions like you’re after.

Again - the best idea is probably to talk to someone who knows what you try to do, and advise you how you can get there. With the info you provide my answer would be: tweak the generator.

thanks Axel
will look into it.


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