Geant4_vmc-running example E02


I installed geant4- 9.2.p02, ROOT-v5.27.02, geant4_vmc-2.9.
And I’d like to run the novice example E01,02…

But when I execute, root [0] .x run_g4.C
then the following error message appears.
" Invalid type ‘Ex02MCApplication*’ in declaration of ‘appl’ run_g4.C:36"

I’m in the initial state to run the Geant4 with ROOT.
So I’m sorry, but please help me to solve the problem.

Thank you.


geant4_vmc-2.9 was released with ROOT-v5.26.00b, as we had problems with running macros with ROOT-v5.27.02. So I suppose that you problem can be caused by this.
Could you send me the complete output - all printing that you get after typing:
.x run_g4.C

A solution is either to move to move to the recommended version ROOT-v5.26.00b or to the root development version in trunk, where this issue is already fixed.

Best regards,