Geant4 4.9.0-1 with root 5.17/04 on ubuntu 7.10

Ok, root is working fine, but this is a good forum to ask for help.

I have installed Geant with seemingly no problems. I think the issue is backward compatibility of my old Geant4 macros with my new installation.

After my makefile compiled (with warnings only) when I try to use vis.mac to create a .wrl file (or for proper simulation data) I get the following error;

Got histograms and Tree !
Error in TPluginManager::FindHandler: Cannot find plugin handler for TVirtualStreamerInfo! Does $ROOTSYS/etc/plugins/TVirtualStreamerInfo exist?

*** Break *** segmentation violation

The answer is no, there is no ‘etc’ (or ‘lib’) directory in root 5.17. TVirtualStreamerInfo.h is located in /usr/include/root/

I have added this to my bashrc paths - no joy. Does anyone know where the library paths could be defined elsewhere? Cheers, Ben.


do you have the dir /etc/root/plugins/TVirtualStreamerInfo?


As I started writing this I had no directory ‘/etc/root/plugins’ but an automatic update from Christian Holm Christensen (just now) suddenly created one. I’m going to check (hoping everything is fine!). Ben.

Hello, everything does seem to be working fine. The only slight oddity is when I open a TBrowser;

root [0] TBrowser f;
Error in TPluginHandler::SetupCallEnv: class TRootBrowserLite not found in plugin Gui
root [1]

However, it is on my system;

root@boris:/etc/root/plugins/TBrowserImp# ls
P010_TRootBrowser.C P020_TRootBrowserLite.C

This is not causing me any problems whatsoever, I post it in case it’s useful for anyone to be aware of. Cheers, Ben.