GDML Schema Download

Hi All,

I’m not sure if this is appropriate here, but the GDML schema has vanished from the GDML website. The download is now report 0 bytes and the MD5 hash has changed:

Does anyone know who this should be reported to? Is this an appropriate place to get GDML help?


HI @ksmith,

Not really, I would suggest contacting the GDML mailing list or Witold Pokorski.


Thanks for the contacts, the mailing list is blocked to outside users and I was not able to find it in the list of groups on the e-group seaech. I’ll try to contact Witold separately.

I asked here as I had been previously told that the ROOT forum was planning to support GDML issues:

For those who are following along. It appears to be an issue with the CERN infrastructure and permissions. A fix is being investigated.

The mailing list has been inactive for some time, but should be re-enabled when the site migration is complete.