gClient is zero in guitest.C on Windows2000

From: Dieter Notz
To: Root Team
Date: 20. 1. 2004
Concerns: gClient is zero in guitest.C on Windows2000

Dear root team,

when I run guitest.C from the folder tutorials I get after
the statement
TApplication theApp(“App”,…)
gClient == 0, that means I cannot run gClient->GetRoot()

When I type after starting root:
root[0] gClient
I get Symbol gClient is not defined in current scope
(under Window 2000 cygwin) and an address if I run unter Linux.

I am using Windows 2000. I have installed cygwin (Last dll release
1.5.5-1). From CERN I copied on November 25th the binary files
Version 3.05.04.

.x demos.C is running fine.

Do you have any idea?

With best wishes

Dieter Notz

Dr. Dieter Notz
Notkestrasse 85
D 22607 Hamburg
Tel.(+49)40 8998 2388
Fax.(+49)40 8998 3092
Email: Dieter.Notz@desy.de

Hi Dieter,
you need to use win32gdk version of ROOT.
Try the latest (3.10.02) one .

Regards. Valeriy

Or “pure” cygwin version compiled with gcc against of X11 library

(or Qt version from root.bnl.gov , that should be completed yet :frowning:)