Gaussian Distribution Function

Hello! I’m looking for the exact function that is used when generating random numbers using the Gaus(mean, sigma) function in the TRandom class. I’ve done some digging but I can’t find it. If anyone can help me find the function that is used that would be great! Thanks

See: TRandom::Gaus -> TRandom::Gaus
Note however that, by default, ROOT will internally use: TRandom3::Rndm

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Sorry I should’ve specified, I meant the mathematical function used as the Gaussian distribution function to generate the numbers with, not the function that is called. Thank you for your response though!

@Wile_E_Coyote posted the link to the implementation. If you want more information about the algorithm, simply read the documentation for TRandom::Gaus:

Thank you! I found it.

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