Gas file error

Hello, when I was calculating the gas file, the program made an error in the figure below. I checked the user’s guide, but I couldn’t find a solution. How to solve this problem.

This is my code.

const double pressure = 15 * AtmosphericPressure;

  const double temperature = 293.15;


  // Setup the gas.

  MediumMagboltz gas;

  gas.SetComposition("Xe", 100.);



  // Set the field range to be covered by the gas table.

  const size_t nE = 20;

  const double emin =    0.;

  const double emax = 2000000.;

  // Flag to request logarithmic spacing.

  constexpr bool useLog = true;

  gas.SetFieldGrid(emin, emax, nE, useLog);

  const int ncoll = 10;

  // Run Magboltz to generate the gas table.


  // Save the table.


Hi @changjh12; I am sure @hschindl has an answer for this.


this does seem to happen occasionally in Magboltz. At what electric field does the error message appear? What sometimes helps is to slightly modify the electric field range…

Thank you, I modified the electric field range. Then it can be calculated normally.

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