Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) detector spatial and time resolutions

Hi, I am a newbie to GARFIELD++ and I need to calculate both the spatial resolution and the time resolution but I cannot find any direct class to calculate them, is there anyway to calculate them for the GEMs and re-do it to RPCs?

@hschindl I am sorry to annoy you by my question, but I couldnt find a similar topic here…

Dear @Abdelrahman

There is no such thing as Gem->GetTimeResolution(). This requires a simulation strategy from your side. Depending on your specific use case you could adopt different strategies. This is a possible strategy on how to proceed, assuming you want to do this for a single-gem detector and you already know the single gem example.

(1) Setup the single-gem example
(2) Simulate a track (see heed example)
(3) launch an avalanche for each of the electrons ionized by the track
(4) fill histograms for the electrons that arrive on the readout plane: one for x-position, one for y-position and one for arrival time.
(5) repeat steps (2)-(4) in a loop for 5-10k events.
(6) analyze simulated data: e.g. fit a gaussian function, extract mean and standard deviation etc…

This is a “minimal” strategy, that can get you answers that are correct in first order. More precise would be to implement the exact detector geometry you have, implement (or even vary!) the correct drift, amplification and induction fields. Insert readout strips in your geometry. Simulate the induced signal (see signal examples due to your avalanches launched in step (3). Apply a transfert function and apply pulse shape discrimination … e.g. do you read out the charge with an ADC or do you have digital electronics (pulse over threshold yes/no?). Loop again over reasonable statistics and make histograms to extract the observables you are interested in.

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