Garfroot problem

I successed in compiling Garfiled++ and garfroot on Scientific Linux release 7.3 (Nitrogen) and ROOT v6-10-02.
When I type “garfroot” in command prompt, it started up successfully and following messages came out.

Generator type: TRandom3
Seed: 1342862687
Welcome to Garfield++

But I couldn’t use a namespace “Garfiled::” in the ROOT shell. I could only use following classes starting with G:


What can I do for this problem?

The name space is Garfield. See the correct spelling :slight_smile:

Hi, mato.
Thank you for reply.
My spelling “Garfield” on this thread was wrong as you say.
But actually I entered it using tab completion, so it really does not exist in my garfroot.

A gcc version on my computer was gcc 4.8, and it seems that gcc 4.6 or older versions are needed for compiling for garfroot. I’m going to try compiling it again using by gcc 4.6.

Thank you.

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