Garfield running issue

i have installed the garfield and it was running right but now i’m again running an example by creating build with in the example directory and then copying that build and sourcing all and cmake but at the time of make there is no file and all the generating and written in example directory but this should have to be in build which directory i have copied. can any one help what’s the issue? @hschindl

There is a mistake in the cmake command you gave. Instead of

cmake /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield-v2 /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield-v2/Examples/Geant4GarfieldInterface

it should read

cmake /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield-v2/Examples/Geant4GarfieldInterface

or simply

cmake ..

So… please delete all temporary files in /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield-v2/Examples/Geant4GarfieldInterface, remove the build folder and try again.

ok dear i’ll do like this.

dear i don’t know why this all happening all was running fine. still getting issue. all files must be written to build folder but it is writing them into geant4garfieldinterface. then no make file error.

Your directory ~/Desktop/garfield-v2/Examples/Geant4GarfieldInterface has a number of files and subdirectories in it that shouldn’t be there. There are probably smarter ways to do this, but what you could do to clean this up is:

  • Go to the directory ~/Desktop/garfield-v2/Examples/Geant4GarfieldInterface
  • Type git status .
  • Delete all files and folders that are listed as “Untracked files”

ok dear thanks a lot… :slight_smile:

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