Garfield code problem with geometry

I have problems using Garfield code. I can run an example, but I really do not understand how to create an object with its geometry. Can you please help me?

Mi Mihaela,
This is the ROOT forum, not Garfield - maybe you are lucky and someone happens to know, but after four days it looks like you’re better off contacting the Garfield forum / people / developers…
Cheers, Axel

Hello, Axel,

I know and I am sorry if this is off topic, but i couldn’t find a Garfield forum and here I saw that someone else posted about this subject in the past.

FYI we are working on creating a home for Garfield++ users in this forum. I’ll keep you posted.

We have it, - the original Garfield++ author @hschindl will help out there :tada:

I’ll move this topic to the new category!

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