FWLite- Indexing an Events Object

_ROOT Version:_5.34/19
_Platform:_Linux VM
_Compiler:_Interpreter version 5.18.00

We are an undergrad first-year research team working with the FWLite package in PyROOT and we’re a little in over our heads here :frowning_face:. Specifically, we were wondering if there’s a way to reference a specific Event within an Events object by index (i.e. find the 524th event). We’ve tried using lists and python’s enumerate function, but it really doesn’t seem to like that; we get an error saying that we’ve requested data past the last event. Being able to specifically reference the events we want instead of blindly iterating through the whole set would really help us out, so thanks so much in advance for any advice!

P.S. Just in case the objects we’re referencing aren’t generally used and FWLite is more obscure/seldom-used than we thought it was, we found the github page here. Thanks again!


this is really a question for a CMS specific Forum. Just for the sake of clarity, the version of ROOT you are using is really old with respect to the one used by CMSSW.


Oops! Again, we’re very new to this. Do you know of any CMS specific forums (fora?) we could try? Sorry to bother you


I think they have a hypernews system: good luck!


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