Future of the RootTalk mailing list?

Hello Rooters,

I see a growing ratio of spam/“concerning ROOT” messages in the post.
I have a question to the Root team.
What will be Rootteam future policy of the Roottalk mailing list maintenance?
Will you completely migrate to the forum? If yes, when?

Sorry, if i missed a discussion of this topic somewhere.

                                                  Regards, Valery.

Tastes differ. Some people like to get roottalk mails in their mailbox while others don’t like that and prefer to go to the forum to browse for info and ask questions. Ideally we would like to have one system but that is not possible yet.

With the introduction of spam assassin the roottalk list should become cleaner, but it requires still some tuning.

We also studied a roottalk -> forum gateway and Axel Naumann provided some code for that which we are testing out now.

Currently there are still about 960 people on the mailing list while there are now 220 subscribed to the forum.

Cheers, Fons.