Future of Reflex

I’m using Reflex in a computer vision library I’m working on in order to connect up internal data from the algorithms with a custom analysis UI. Reflex seems to work well for this purpose for me - it keeps a nice separation between the core library and the analysis application and doesn’t add any dependencies to the core library at all (I’ve added a genreflex bit in the makefile of the analysis UI to keep the Reflex dictionaries in sync).

From reading some of the recent blogs it seems like Reflex isn’t going to be part of the next ROOT release. What’s the future for Reflex? Perhaps there’s already a better standalone LLVM-based way to do C++ reflection?



Hi Simon,

In the short term, Reflex will be only available in ROOT v5 or the existing standalone releases. In the medium term it will be replaced by using the core/meta (TClass and co) classes. In the longer term we plan on redesigning/implementing/recommending a good complete replacement (in the meantime, stick with v5 and/or use cling and clang’s api directly or migrate to use TClass, libCore is a relatively small library).