FTGlyphContainer.o Error when compiling Root v6 in win8/cyg

I have an error when compiling root v6 both v6-02 and v6-00 versions. The error is about
[graf3d/ftgl/src/FTGlyphContainer.o]. I tried to find any similar topic in this forum but unfortunately i could not find anything. Please help me how to solve this problem. I also tried to use the binary distribution but the same error occured. Thank you so much. I post the message appearing when i compiled below.
error.txt (9.33 KB)


Well, ROOT 6 doesn’t compile for me on Cygwin, due to the lack of several C++11 functions (as std::to_string), so I can’t even reach the step of compiling ftgl…
Could you attach your config.status and config.log files?

Cheers, Bertrand.