Friend tree loses entries

I’m running the commands in the attached macro as part of a larger project. I have found that the friend tree has a different number of entries in the particle branches after doing AddFriend (it doesn’t happen if I don’t make it a friend of the other tree). It seems like adding the friend reduces the number of entries to that of the first tree.
I was using the same macro for a different set of files and this wasn’t happening, so I suspect It may have something to do with the structure of the new input trees. These trees are generated acording to the pythia8_… macro also attached.
I would appreciate any help on this issue.

pp_2j_NLO_H_T_35GeV_jetsreco_pTjetmin35GeV.root (1.1 MB)
pp_4j_LO_H_T_2_35GeV_jetsreco_pTjetmin35GeV.root (2.8 MB)
mwe_jet_merge.C (1.3 KB)
pythia8_shower_hadronize_pp_Njets_from_lhe.C (6.8 KB)
pythia8_shower_hadronize_pp_Njets_from_lhe.h (7.6 KB)

ROOT Version: 6.28/00
Platform: Not Provided
Compiler: Not Provided

Hello, @pcanal should be able to help you on this issue

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