Fourth central moment


How can I get the fourth moment of a TH1F ?
I can have the kurtosis : T->GetKurtosis() but is there a possibility to get directly the fourth central moment ?


Hi Pierre,

given h is a TH1F object, something like


already gives what you want. How more directly do you want (and why)? :slight_smile: What’s wrong with this way?

Thanks answering @yus !

Well it’s more of a statistic question then but I think (and that is my question) the fourth moment isn’t exactly the Kurtosis, I think and I’m not sure that it differ from a factor \sigma^4.
Well if I’m correct an easy way would be obviously to divide by that sigma…if I’m not mistaken

It’s for sure already divided by sigma^4, and then 3 is subtracted from the fraction: ROOT: hist/hist/src/TH1.cxx Source File

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