Font size of parameter and statistics boxes in RooFit

I am using RooFit to fit 1D histogram. I use statOn and paramOn to print the statistics and parameters on the plot. However, I found most of time, the statistics and parameter box cover part of the data points and the fitted curve, making them invisible. Could anybody tell me how to reduce the font size of the parameters and statistics, or how to set the box transparent (I know how to set it to be transparent in root but it doesn’t work in RooFit), or both?

Thank you very much.


A RooPlot has the following functions

// get attributes of contained objects
TAttLine *getAttLine(const char *name=0) const;
TAttFill *getAttFill(const char *name=0) const;
TAttMarker *getAttMarker(const char *name=0) const;
TAttText *getAttText(const char *name=0) const;

which allow you to change the properties of objects contained in the RooPlot.
If no name argument is given, the attribute of the last added objected is returned

For example

pdf->paramOn(frame) ;
frame->getAttFill()->SetFillStyle(...) ;

will allow you to change the fill style of the parameter box.