Fitting with discrete distribution

Hi all,

I’m writing to you because I have a problem in fittting a histogram with 2 discrete distributions.

I have a histogram (Data: enrergy in x and counts in y) that I would like to fit with two discrete distributions that I’ve already put in two separate histograms (H1 and H2).

I successfully fit the data (Data) with the function = par[0]*H1+par[1]*H2 and I successfully retrive the weight of the 2 components (par[0] and par[1]).

The next step is to add in the fit a free parameter that can introduce a shift in the x-axis of H1 and H2.

Any suggestion how to do it?

Thank you.
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Hi @davide.rigamonti; I am sure @jonas can help you with your question.


Hi Javier,
thank you! I’ll wait the @jonas reply :slight_smile: