Fitting with class member - virtual function called

I would like to fit function, lets say I have class like this:

class Func(){
static double MyFunc(const double *params)...}

I would like to minimize MyFunc with ROOT::Math::Minimizer
so I tried something like this:

ROOT::Math::Minimizer *min = ROOT::Math::Factory::CreateMinimizer("Minuit2", "Migrad");
ROOT::Math::Functor f(&Func::MyFunc,GetParametersNo());

However now I get error “pure virtual method called” when I call min->Mimimize.
Somebody can help me with this? I would prefer solution that avoid calling static function.

EDIT: after some investigation it seems to be ok, but I still don’t know what is source of this error. By dynamic cast I check class - the minimizer is ROOT::Minuit2::Minuit2Minimize but I don’t know why throws this error.

ROOT Version (e.g. 6.04):
Platform, compiler (e.g. Mint 17, gcc4.8.4):


The is very strange. You should have the Minuit2 library automatically loaded by the ROOT plugin manager. Are you maybe copying the minimiser object later on ?
If you post the full code I can understand this better

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I think i found reason, my functor was set in if condition (so it was deleted outside this condition when Minimize was called).
But now I have different error:

Error in : Minuit2Minimizer::Minimize : FCN function has not been set
TempClass.h (9,2 KB)
TempClass.cxx (13,5 KB)
Class its quite big but everything interesing happen at NumericalMinimization.
EDIT: Sorry I’m so blind I didn’t called SetFunction.


Before calling min->Minimize(), you need to pass to the minimiser object the functor pointer.
You should do, just after having create the minimiser,


In your code it is commented (line 459) of TempClass.cxx


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