Fitting of Tsallis function

I am facing problems with fitting the Levy-Tsallis function. I can’t set the power term(-n). Like here…

  TF1 *LEVY=new TF1("LEVY","pow((x)*[0]*((([1]-1)*([1]-2))/(([1]*[2])*([1]*[2]+1.019*([1]-2))))*(1+((sqrt(x*x+(1.019*1.019)))-1.019)/([1]*[2])),-n)",0,3);

This shows it is a zombie function.
Can anybody help me??
Thanks in advance.

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You can use an additional parameter for “n” (see TF1::FixParameter) or you must “hard-code” its value in the definition.

Thanks but this n is the parameter [1] I have used before in the formula.

so, you should simply write -[1] instead of -n.

Yes. Its done. Thank you.