Fitting Fails to Return Fit Results

Hello PyROOT Experts,

First off, PyROOT is great, however I have run into an odd quark…

I am trying to use the “S” option with the Fit method to have it return a TFitResultPtr from which I can get a Covariance Matrix as shown at under “Access to the fit result”

Here are the two relevant lines of code:
fitResults = plot.Fit(“Fit_”+name,“SQr”)

And get the following error:

    AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'GetCovarianceMatrix'

I have done a type of fitResults both with and without the S option and in both cases I get int.

I am using ROOT 5.22/00d (branches/v5-22-00-patches@29532, May 26 2010, 20:34:00 on macosx) which is distributed with CMS’s reconstruction software.


TFitResult is only implemented in 5.26 or newer


Alright that is good to know! Thanks, now hopefully someone will reply to my install issue question in 5.27. =)