Fit unable to minimize


my fitting routine seems to be unable to produce any proper results.
I am not that experienced yet, so it might be a rather simple mistake, but please take a look nonetheless.

Here is the code:

Here is the data:

data[i] = (0-data[i])+380e3;
This line rearranges my data in such a way, that the peaks are positive and start at zero. If possible I want to fit the peaks in their original form, but as I was unable to do so, I settled for this workaround. In case you are able to fit them in previous state, please tell me how you did that.

Thanks in advance,



hyperfeinmess.cxx (1.79 KB)
data/moessbauer/hyperfein.ws5 (8 KB)

Intriguing! :astonished:

Thanks, I hope I’ll be able to work with that!

Mößbauer Spectroscopy mon amour :mrgreen:
hyperfeinmess.cxx (8.12 KB)

VIVE LA VOIGT! :mrgreen:
hyperfeinmess.cxx (29.7 KB)


This is most likely overkill for my practical exam, but will definitely be a good reference for some of my future projects involving ROOT.