Fit range and chiSquare

I’m fitting to a sub-range of a histogram. Do I need to tell chiSquare what sub-range I’m using?

This is what I’m doing now:Double_t chi2 = framex->chiSquare("curvetot","Hist",floatpars);The PDF is “curvetot” and the data is “Hist”, with a number of non-constant parameters = “floatpars”.

More detail, for reference:

RooRealVar *mass = new RooRealVar("mass","m(#Lambda_{b})",5619.51,"MeV"); RooDataHist *data = new RooDataHist("data","1D",RooArgList(*mass),h100); ... RooAbsReal * nll = totalPdf.createNLL(*data,Extended(kTRUE),Range(4300,5950)); ... RooPlot *framex = mass->frame(); data->plotOn(framex,Name("Hist"),MarkerColor(kBlack),LineColor(kBlack),DataError(RooAbsData::SumW2)); totalPdf.plotOn(framex,Name("curvetot"),LineColor(kBlue)); ... RooArgSet *floatpar = totalPdf.getParameters(data); int floatpars = (floatpar->selectByAttrib("Constant",kFALSE))->getSize(); Double_t chi2 = framex->chiSquare("curvetot","Hist",floatpars);


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Any movement on this?

Has the math expert returned? I’ve had a lot of trouble finding documentation on this.

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Fit range and chiSquare