Fit panel does not draw function in CVS release

Is it a bug or a feature ?

CVS version of root does not draw function on top of TH1F histogram when I fit from within fit panel. CVS release as of today.

I cannot reproduce this problem.
Are you sure that when you fit the selected object is the histogram?


The problem shows up after I update through CVS . It dissappeas if I download CVS tree from scratch completely new.

After an update I recompile root and I see error messages telling me about some header files missing. I manually find them in other directories and make copies in proper places. But as it turnes out - it is wrong. I encounter funny errors undoubtedly due to wrong header file versions.

IF I delete the whole CVS tree and pull new one from server then all is fine.

Is there something I am missing about how to use CVS ?
I do :

cvs -z3 checkout -P root

no erros during the update.

And during compile I have something like " missing /include/*.h "

and then I just have to get CVS tree from scratch otherwise I get funny errors like this fitpanel problem … strange…

You should make distclean when you see “missing .h”. Some dependency files depend on headers, and those headers might be gone after a cvs up.