Fit histogram using ntuple variables

I have an ntuple with a few variables and I am plotting one of them using the ntuple.Draw command.
I need to fit the histogram using a function including some other variables of the ntuple it self, How can I do that?
Thank you


I am not sure I understand you correctly. From ntuple.Draw() you can fill an histogram (1, 2 or 3D) using an expression containing the variable (s) of the ntupla.
Then, after having filled the histogram, you will fit it with a function. This function will be a function of the observables, the variables you have used to fill the histograms and are related (or are) the ntuple variables) and of some parameters which you want to estimate from the fitting.


Thank you for your reply
I mean if I have an ntuple with variables (x,y,z,E1,E2)
and I used ntuple.Draw(“x”,"","")
then how would I fit using a function of (aE1+bE2) for example
I mean how would the command line look like?

Thank you again

If your histogram is in x, you can fix a function of f(x|p) and not f(E1,E2|p).


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