Fit convergence errrors

Dear all,

I know this is not the first topic on this subject but I didn’t find any way to solve my problem. I have a gamma-ray histogram that I want to fit with a specific function (double tailed gaussian, with a linear background + a step function bellow the peak). This function is widely used in gamma ray spectroscopy.

My problem is that even if the fit result is looking good, the fit don’t converge with MINUIT2+Migrad minimization. As a result, I cannot obtain reasonable errors on my fit.

I attach the code to show this, and the histogram that is fitted.

Do you have an idea to how better define the Fitter to make the fit converge

FitTest.C (4.6 KB)
HistTest.root (15.7 KB) ?

Thanks in advance


ROOT Version:6.10.02

My problem is fixed. The error was to declare Float variables in the minimization function (that return a double…)

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