Fit an exponential function by a linear to write correct errors?

Ok I think it’s enough to apply the error roules…the topic can be closed @coeut
you can close it

Hi @faca87; I am also adding @jonas to this topic, as he may also be able to help you with this.


Thank you @jalopezg then…waiting for @jonas

I am not sure what the question is exactly, please explain it better…

Hello @moneta sorry…
I modified the topic asking to close it.

I explain …I had to fit an exponential function . Given that it was for educational reason I calculate the logharitm and I fitted by a linear function y=mx+q.
Due that the data were <1, by calculating the log of the error I get higher values of the error than the measurement! Then I asked if there was an automatic way to solve it by root!

But I solved applying the rules for error …then the error on ln (x) is sqrt[(1/x e_x)^2

Then @moneta thank you, but you can close the topic!

OK, thanks, then it is solved!

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