Fit a histogram that has x-axis TDatime objects


I have some problems trying to make a fit of my histogram which has the x-axis of TDatime . If I want to make a fit of the histogram from the falling spectrum part, for instance with an exponential, how can I proceed? It seems like it is problematic to use a TDatime object as the x-axis input (which is probably rather reasonable), but I am not sure how I should do it in the right way

I attach a macro and the text-file which the macro reads, the macro should then be able to be run standalone. The fit-trial has been commented out.

Will greatly appreciate some hints along the way
Thanks a lot!
Maiken (2.87 KB)
inputfile.txt (824 KB)


since the question seems to be about ROOT usage, rather than python specifics, you’ll have better luck to get an answer on the ROOT support forum.