Finding root symbols in LLDB


I’m trying to set a breakpoint in root when running interactively. What is the proper way here?

I compiled root with -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug hoping this would include debug symbols. I then try to run root and add a breakpoint using the following commands:

lldb -- root -l /path/to/file
break set --name TH1::KolmogorovTest
r                       // Start the process
h1->KolmogorovTest(h2); // Should trigger the breakpoint
// h1 and h2 are defined in the file as TH1F histograms

However, breakpoint is not triggered :frowning:


lldb -- root.exe -l /path/to/file

This worked, thanks! Could you explain what the difference is?

Hi Kim, the root executable is just a wrapper that displays the splash screen, does some other fancy stuff and then calls root.exe which is what actually provides the prompt.

You can also attach to an existing interactive session by checking its pid e.g. via pidof, or htop (you’ll see that the name of the process is root.exe).

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